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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine and Optimization (SEO) is the process of organising a website’s (web-pages or blog) contents around some keywords in order for them to show up among the top results of search engines, when people search for those keywords.
This process involves many technicalities an usually take a long time to implement. Notwithstanding, it is about the most effective and rewarding digital marketing strategy which is capable of generating lots of revenue for business with little investment.
At Primer Systems, we help businesses to implement SEO and grow their organic traffic, which we guide through a sales funnel until they become customers. In addition, we also offer responsive website design service, email marketing service, paid ads management service, inventory management system setup and training courses to better position us to deliver business growth results to our clients.


Benefits of Search Engine And Optimzation (SEO)

Free Organic Traffic

With a well implemented search engine and optimzation, your website will rank on the top of search engine’s result page (SERP) for your chosen keywords. This means more clicks from searchers. This is a good source for organic traffic 

Brand Awareness

When your website ranks top on SERP, more searchers will get to know your business. This exposes your brand to many people at no cost. The best part is that searchers are actively looking for something related to your business

Increased Market Share

A good search engine and optimization  strategy will help your business to gain more market share in your niche. Increase in traffic to your website, combine with a well designed funnel system will get you more customers 

Good User Experience

SEO tactics such as page speed improvement, meta data, titles and meta descriptions, and site navigation and usability etc also help to give users a good experience. This increases the chance that they will return to your website for more business

Business Success

Search marketing strategy can position your business for long-term success. This is possible because search engine optimized content, that are evergreen will continue to be relevant to your target audiences in the future

Brand Trust

Your business will gain trust from people who consume your websites contents and benefit from it. They will also see you as an authority in the field. This increases their chances of doing business with you

Our Search Engine And Optimization Services

on page seo service by primer systems

On-Page Search Engine And Optimization

On-page SEO (also called on-site SEO) is the process of optimizing your web page content in order for it to rank high on search engines results page (SERP).
It involves anything you can do on your web-page (or internally) to improve your rankings on search engine like optimizing for search intent, title tags, internal links, and URLs.
We help businesses plan, research keywords and implement SEO to help them increase traffic. This leads to increase in sales for the business.

Off page SEO service by Primer Systems

Off-Page Search Engine And Optimization

Off-page SEO is also a tactic used to implement search engine and optimization.
It is different from on-page SEO because it involves anything you can do outside of your web-page (or externally) to improve your rankings on search engine. Tasks like gusest posting, link building, directory listing etc.
Our SEO experts help businesses to implement SEO to help them increase traffic which leads to increase in sales for the business.

Technical SEO service With Primer Systems

Technical Search Engine And Optimization

Technical SEO is another type of search engine and optimization techniques. It is also a process of  optimizing webpages for higher search engine ranking as well as to improve users experience.
A few technical SEO tasks include submitting your sitemap to search engines like google, SEO-friendly site structure, speed of your website, mobile optimization and others.
This is one of our key SEO areas where we optimize your website to rank on Google and other search engines.

local SEO service with primer systems

Local Search Engine And Optimization

Local SEO is a search engine and optimization (SEO) strategy that helps businesses to be visible in local search results on Google. Any business with a physical location or that serves a particular geographic area can implement and get results from local SEO.
When implemented, your business details will rank on local search for people searching within your coverage area. 
It complements your SEO efforts and we are poised to make your business rank on local search.

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Search Engine And Optimization Techniques

Why Trust Us With
Search Engine And Optimization

Track record of achievements for SEO

Track Record Of Success

We have helped many clients increase organic traffic through search engine optimization

Our staff are Industry experts in SEO

Industry Expert Staffs

Our staffs that implement SEO are industry experts, among the best in the country

High return on investment with our SEO

High Return On Investment (ROI)

You will get a high return on investment for your search engine optimisation campaigns with us

White hat SEO

Guaranteed Best Practices

Our agency only implements white hat SEO. We still deliver results within a good time frame

transparency of service at primer systems

Transparent And Open Process

Transparency is one of our core values. We let you know every step we take and no hidden charges

5 star rating read our google review

Excellent Reviews

Our clients are satisfied with our services and they leave us 5-star reviews (Read our google reviews)

Our SEO Process

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Web Design Or Re-Design

Our SEO process begins with our web design or redesign service. This is because we need to implement the basic on-page SEO and position call to actions strategically for higher conversion.

The second step of the process is to prepare a plan based on your needs. This is where we develop a strategy for your SEO campaign to suit your target audience and the stage they are on your buyers journey.

After planning and strategy, we carry out keywords research. This will help to to choose keywords that your target audience are searching for. At this stage, we will also determine the keyword difficulty, search volume and other factors that will make a keyword profitable.

When we are done with keyword research, we begin to develop the content for the SEO campaign. This is a stage where we put together text, images, videos needed to create contents. Furthermore, we create the contents like blog post, articles, infomercials etc.

The final stage of search engine and optimization process is Posting, Analytics And Reports. Here, we publish the contents at a time your target audience is most likely to be online. In addition, we monitor the contents performance as per engagement and measure it against our key performance index (KPI). The last thing is for us to produce reports that will help us make decisions in the future and also to brief our clients on our success.

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