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Inventory Management

At Primer Logic Systems, we have developed a system to help small and medium businesses to track their inventory. With our inventory management system software, you can track stock, sales, attending cashier and other information necessary to monitor your revenue.

retail store inventory management system software

Benefits of Our
Inventory Management System Software
For Your Business

Flexible Management

With our inventory management system software, you enjoy flexible business management. You can manage several business at a time because your transaction records are saved. You may view the records as you wish from the different summary options available

Saves Time

This setup will help you save a lot of time in your business management. Every activity detail is recorded and is available for you to view with just one click. This frees up time for you to use for other growth activities like marketing and sales.

Staff Accountability

The software will record helps you manage your staff. It makes them accountable because each transaction is recorded for the staff who is making the transaction. It also help you to know when they were on duty and how many hours they served.

Customer Loyalty

Your customers will be more loyal because their basic data will be saved and used for personalised services. Services like loyalty shopping, special anniversary messages & personalised promo code are possible with this system.

Reconciled Accounts

Daily sales can easily be reconciled with the collected cash. Our inventory management system software shows the sales report which has to tally with the money remitted at the end of the sales day.

Easy Reporting

Easy activity reporting is made possible with the inventory management system software. You can view your sales, inventory, customers, transaction date & time and more information with just one click. You can summarise your reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly 

Our Inventory Management
system software Services

hotel & restaurant management system software POS 1

Inventory Management System Software For Hotel & Restaurant

Managing a hotel or short-let apartment can be a tough task. Fortunately,  this is made simple by our inventory management system software.

Our software integrates the management of services like room booking, restaurant, laundry, gym, swimming pool services and many other services offered by hotels.

Also, we have a stand alone restaurant software that can manage sales of a variety of dishes, customer data and staff.

finally, you can view all the reports with just a click of the mouse.

Warehouse inventory management system software 1

Inventory Management System Software For Warehouse

Do you own a warehouse with tons of goods and are having a hard time managing your inventory and sales? 

Our inventory management software provides an offline solution that can be installed and setup on-site.

With this small business inventory management system software, you can manage stock and sales.You will also know the cashier responsible for each sale.

Furthermore, It has a very simple interface that can be understood by people who are not in-depth with technology.

pharmacy inventory management system software 1

Inventory Management System Software For Pharmacy

Use our pharmacy inventory management system software to get the best out of your drug store. The setup has a simple interface that is easy to use.

We will input you stock and quantity, as well as the unit price. You can add wholesale and retail prices.

This software will let you know when you are low on stock, how much quantity is sole, the amount sold etc.

With our installation, managing your pharmacy become easy. Also, it will free up time for you to engage in other marketing activities. 

Warehouse inventory management system software 1

Inventory Management System Software For Supermarket

The most popular solution in this category is our supermarket inventory management system software.

It manages all the activities in your superstore. This software integrates with a bar-code scanner and thermal printer. This enables you to give sales receipts to customer.

After installation and setup, usage is very simple. Just scan any item and the name along with the unit price will appear.

It will automatically sum up all the items and give the total amount t be paid by the customer. 

Warehouse inventory management system software 1

We have inventory management system software for :

Features of Our Inventory Management System Software

inventory tracking system

Inventory tracking

The system enables businesses to track their inventory levels in real-time, allowing them to see stock levels, locations, and status

inventory tracking system

Barcode Scanning

It supports barcode scanning, making it easier to count inventory, find stock, and select orders accurately and efficiently

inventory management software

Stock management

Businesses can manage stock movements, like adding new stock, subtracting stock for internal use, and moving inventory between locations

warehouse management system

Reporting and analytics

You will get advanced  inventory reports, such as stock levels, sales
performance, reorder points, attending cashier etc. 

stock management system for pharmacy


As business grow, managing inventory manually becomes increasingly complex. Our inventory management system can easily adapt to increased
products, sales channels, and business locations

stock management software


Automation of the inventory processes saves time and reduces manual errors. Stocks are added and subtracted with precision 

warehouse management system

Supplier Management

Supplier management is simplified with our software. You can sort all the supplies and gather information for better negotiation and purchasing decisions.

inventory tracking system

Easy Integration

It easily integrates with other software and hardware. You can attach a scanner and printer to print out receipts for customers.

inventory management software

Customer Satisfaction

By ensuring products are in stock and orders are fulfilled correctly and
promptly, businesses can significantly enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Installation & Setup Process

Computer operator installing our inventory management software on-site
Free Evaluation Session

The setup and installation process for our inventory management system software begins with an assessment and evaluation of the business and getting to know our client’s need. Consequently, we will recommend the right software to perform the desired  functions.

Once the specific software is determined, we begin the implementation planning process for our inventory management system software. This is where we determine the components of hardware needed. Also, we determine if it will be a stand alone or client-server based installation. Our expert team will then plan how the implementation will go. With this, we submit a detailed plan to our client for proper preparation on their path.

When our client gives the nod, we swing into action. Implementation can take days or weeks depending on the scope of the inventory. The hardware and inventory software will first be deployed and configured. Thereafter, our data entry team will take over to enter the stock into the database. This process takes time as numerous products will be inputted.

After setup, we train the staff on how to use the software. Usually, the interface is very easy to use, so this will be concluded in minutes. Our installation will then be put to a performance test for a short period. During this period, they will evaluate it to see if it meets all their needs. Furthermore, the will monitor for errors, missing stocks and make a note of the improvements they need. Afterwards, our team will be briefed and the corrections will be effected. 

With our clients now satisfied with our installation, we hand over the system to their sale team or cashier. We continue to provide support to our clients for a period of 6 months.

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