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Business Registration

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Business Registration:
A Pillar Of Business Growth

Registering your business is one sure way to set it up for success. Our client survey reveals that those with registered businesses, be it a business name, company or incorporated trustees, do out perform the one that have not registered.
The reason for this seems to come from the business’ owners mindset. Those with a growth mentality, who can picture their business becoming national or global, start off with registration. This is part of several fundamental structures they lay for growth and sustainability. Little wonder why this attitude rubs off on every aspect of their business and contributes to their success.

On the other hand, those who refuse to register their business have a “just get by” mentality. They see their business as a means of meeting their daily needs met. They fail to get to the point of seeing it as something that can scale beyond meeting their daily needs and becoming a global force. 
consequently, they apply this mentality to the daily operations of the business, and it remains stunted or closes down soon enough.

Therefore, how do you see your business, as a future global business of as a means of daily living. The later will see business registration as a wasted expense while the former will see it as a necessary investment.

In conclusion, All big businesses are registered by law, and they pay their taxes. Your business cannot grow past a certain level if it remains unregistered. 

Take that action now, register your business.

Benefits Of Registering Your Business In Nigeria


Business registration in Nigeria is a legal requirement under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020.


A registered business name gives your brand a professional identity. This boost customers confidence in your business

Grants and Loans

Many government grants and loans are only available to registered businesses. It is a major requirement for qualification.

Expansion and Growth

A registered business has more opportunities for expansion and growth. It enables your business to operate in different regions of the country or even globally.

Bid for Contracts

Business registration documents are required when bidding for contracts government or organizations. Contracts helps businesses grow fast

Credibility & Confidence

 Business registration gives your potential customers confidence that they are dealing with a reputable business. This also bring refferals

Our Outstanding
Business Registration Services

Small Business

Business Name Registration

Your small business has a greater chance of growing fast when registered as business name (Sole Proprietorship). Our expert will register your business name in 24 hours or or 100% money back.

Limited Liability Company

Company Registration

Your company will thrive better and become multi-national with a secretary and board of directors. You can also take it public. This will be registered in 48 hours max. 

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Incorporated Trustees NGO

Start living your passion and contributing to humanity with the registration of your NGO. Lets do this in 48 hours or get your money back

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It is Worth
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Business Name Registration

Start Your Small (One-Man) Business. Big Things Start Small

From N40,000


Company Registration

Set Up Your Business To Succeed. Start Your Limited Liability Company

From N120,000


Incorporated Trustees

Live Your Dream. Start Your Pet Project and Change the World

From N150,000


What Clients Are Saying!


Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith

Web Developer Freelancer

Email marketing was the game changer for me. As A freelancer starting out was tough so I had little money to spend on ads. Email marketing implemented by primer systems helped me attract clients, nurture and turn them into customers. The best part is that it was so inexpensive fir me.

Lizzy Ukah

Lizzy Ukah

Personal Development Coach

I am glad I took the advice I was given by Primer System digital marketing lead strategist, to build a website and use it to implement a funnel anchored on email campaigns. First this cost very little to setup and manage as the returns was unbelievable. They managed it perfectly and I got great returns for my initial investment.

Fred Onyeama

Fre Onyeama

Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Email marketing with Primer Systems has been very profitable for me. My Life Coaching business was totally transformed when I started doing it online. My clients increased tremendously and I used email marketing to make announcements as well as sell my courses. I am happy I engaged this company, they are really professionals and know how to get results.

The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is in action. Take Action today and Register your business.

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