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Working with a team of high-flyers can inspire your growth to unimaginable heights and career fulfilment.
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At Primer Systems, we’re on a mission to make businesses and brands attain their full potential with digital marketing technology. Our strategy is to tailor solutions for each client based on their goals. Nonetheless, we deploy services like Website design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC), Email marketing, Inventory System and Training, to achieve our goals.

Our values are at the core of what we do and we are all about getting the job done and having fun while at it. Therefore, we employ the carrot and the stick approach where great results are handsomely rewarded and abysmal performance is penalised.   

As we believe in being the best in our industry, we welcome people who embrace learning as a lifestyle.  We train our staff from the very first day and put them through rigorous personal development programs. This builds them up in character and technicality, making him the best at what he does.

We Also encourage innovation and new ideas. We hold weekly brainstorming sessions where it is mandatory for staffs to come up with new ways of evolving the digital marketing landscape. These ideas are harnessed and implemented along with great rewards for the proponents.  

Your personal and career growth could never have been in better hands. At Primer Systems, you dream is our dream.

Employee Perks

We work And Play

We observe every national holiday in addition to 2 weeks end of year break. This is time to unwind and explore new opportunities.

Health Is Wealth

We value the health of our team members, therefore every team members enrolled a health insurance scheme                                                                                               

Long Stay Incentive

A wage incentive offered to every staff after your first year. This is increased every year as you stay long with us.

Year Round Training

We offer both in-house and outsourced training to our staff. Training is a key component of your appraisal and must be taken seriously.

Share Dividend

You become A share holder in the company and receive bonus shares every year. This makes you an owner of your work place.

Productivity Bonus

Highly productive individuals and teams receives a bonus for their hard work. A percentage of your projects is added to your salary

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